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This site presents articles and information about customizing wind energy into the national electricity system.

It is almost 20 years since I wrote my first letter about wind energy. This was addressed to the windmill association Monnickendam. This letter has not lost much of its valuidity and parts are still fully valid witness the following quotation:

In the Netherlands, with the exception of Friesland, water is a reservoir where everything can be dumped free of charge: New houses in East Amsterdam, an airport or windturbines. In all cases, the demands on space are not accounted for in the budget, although a huge capital of free space is sacrificed.

In 2005 we got a shock when we, cruising with our sailboat Tamalone at sea between Fehmarn and the Danish coast, were suddenly confronted with 72 wind turbines at Nysted. From that moment onwards I realized that these things began to pose a serious threat to our society. From this year dates my first letter about wind energy. The subjects discussed will not surprise anyone:

Bird mortality, wind variations, production factor and costs.

The situation has rapidly deteriorated ever since.

A small group of people working together for years now in fighting wind turbines. Most articles on this site I have written myself, but that would have been impossible without the discussions with Kees LePair and Kees de Groot. Much of the material presented here has been published on the website of  Kees LePair. Kees, thanks for providing this platform. I hope that the cooperation will still continue a long time.

Measured by the influence on politics, we have not yet achieved much, but this is not surprising given the air of cognitive dissonance that arises from the responses of almost every public servant,  A discussion about the usefulness and necessity of wind energy has never got off the ground.

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If you are a firm believer that renewable energy is clean energy and must replace other fossil fuel energy sources, then woe betides me to upset your firm beliefs.

Read no further and go practice your beliefs and refrain from the use of fossil fuels.

Pat Swords 2015